Do you need a well-written, cost effective résumé quickly?

On a budget?

Do you live or work in Manhattan or somewhere in the five boroughs of New York City?

Then you are in luck because Résumé-Riter is a local brick-and-mortar service, famous for fast, excellent, budgeted résumés at rock-bottom prices. We format and professionally write top-notch résumés which are of superior quality and cost effective priced.

A lot of people mistake the term "budgeted résumés" to mean substandard, or they think if you don't pay a lot you're not getting somebody's best effort. Quite the contrary. Paying a lot can mean you're paying too much, or overpaying. 

Why have your résumé done professionally?

How-to-books and generic software templates take longer to master and are not as effective. The smart decision is to have the writers who contributed to the programs and books put their knowledge to your use to create a tailored, unique and cost-effective  résumé that will make recruiters sit up and take notice and call you for an interview. Think of it as custom-made, designer goods at outlet prices.

If you were recently downsized due to the economy and find yourself without a job and need to watch your money, we feel your pain. Take heart!  It's not a problem. Our résumés will make you look awesome and get you the interview and then, if you play your cards right, a better-paying job, in record time. 

Over 25,000 job-seekers can't be wrong. That's the number of customers (mostly from New York City) we've helped over the last 15 years alone by creating strong, accurate résumés that showcase skills effectively and inexpensively. Additionally, they keep coming back for updates to their résumé as their careers progress. Some relocate out-of-state, but even then they all contact us to help them, their family and friends get a top-quality, cheap résumé for a really great price.  In some cases, we're seeing the second generation of a family, soon to be the third, offering them the same effective, cheap résumés.

Why are our prices so cheap?

It's simple! 
First, we keep our overhead low.  
Second, we have been preparing top quality résumés for so long that we have perfected the way to do them efficiently.  
And, third, we do such high volume -- through good times and bad -- because of extremely high word-of-mouth referrals that we are able to steeply discount the market rate and pass the savings along to you -- our next valuable, very happy client. So the formula is easy: More volume with less expense equals cheaper résumé prices.

Everyone loves a bargain!

New Yorkers are famous for sniffing out hidden treasures, like a bloodhound.  We all keep our eye on the stores for a good sale, or shop with coupons, or check out the newest outlet mall. Résumé-Riter is your bargain store for résumés. Actually, we are the most underpriced in New York City. Don't believe us? Check around!  Nobody has cheaper résumés and better quality in Manhattan or New York City.  It makes good business sense to give good value at a low price.  This helps you to be successful in your job search and makes us successful, as well. So, remember Résumé-Riter for fast, quality, cheap résumés in New York City