We require payment in full when placing the order.


(New) - Business/Performance/CV (Typeset/Write/Format) 

(On File) - Spin-offs, Edits & Updates
$15/pg & up

Salary Histories & References Lists

Letters (Personal Issues and Job Related) 

Document Preparation (Type, Proof, Edit &/or Reword)


E-maE-mails (Draft/Final & Non-Account) 

Mixed-use Accounts (Updates, Letters, Fax, E-mail, Answering Svc)
$40 & up

Storage (USB Flash Drives, CD ROM, E-mail, Cloud) 

Turnaround:* 2-3 business days per page at standard rates; otherwise higher rates prevail for expedited, rush or same day service, workflow permitting.

TYPING papers, essays and reports including correcting spelling errors can be turned around in two days, in most cases.

(Rush,   footnoting, illegibility, etc. cost extra.)


PROOFREADING & EDITING - For weak English skills, we can correct grammar, punctuation, and syntax for an additional

FORMATTING (APA, MLA, CBE, Research Papers, Abstracts, Analyses)

PREPARATION ASSISTANCE (Tweak, Reword & Streamline)


  1.  You must research your chosen topic, read the necessary materials, form your own opinion and give us an outline of the points to be covered in the   paper, as well as your draft, so that we may ensure that you covered all the points. 
  2. You must furnish us with any class handouts regarding the format requirements and all the reading materials you used, so we may check quotes and input bibliography.
  3. We will assist you in the preparation of an educated, smoothly flowing essay, report, etc. and return it to you professionally typed.


GHOST WRITING - If you are at a loss for words, we can act as your alter ego and prepare an erudite, sophisticated opus, ready for publication.

PROOFREADING & EDITING - Our staff will peruse your document with an objective, critical eye to catch and correct embarrassing mistakes, lack of continuity and flow.


FORMAT & TYPING - Whether it is the great American novel, academic tome, or script for feature film, stage play, TV movie or episodic series,

we can set it up in the established format-specific style necessary for submission.


STANDARD TURNAROUND - is 24-72 hours depending on how much or how little has to be done. 

ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE - from None to a Lifetime! 

ALL FIELDS AND CAREERS  - from Auto Mechanic to Zoologist!

ALL ENVIRONMENTS - Corporate, Nonprofit, Academic, Law, Medical, Social/Human Service, Creative/Artistic, & Theatrical!

ALL STYLES - Aesthetic / Functional / Chronological / Executive / Entertainment / Electronic. We can use one of our dynamic formats, emulate one you prefer, or custom tailor one to your specifications, to give your résumé that perfect image.