The following testimonials are typical of the many we have received over the years: 

From Gale C., New York City:

This is just a note to express my sincere gratitude for the work you did on my résumé.  I have gotten so many compliments on the style and quality that I thought surely you would want to know.  I landed a fantastic new job within the first week, thanks to your efforts.  Because of the speed and accuracy with which you work and the reasonable prices you charge, I have recommended your services to friends and family many times over.  Thanks again and I wish you a lifetime of success with whatever you do.  You deserve it

~ ~ ~

From John B., Philadelphia:

I stand corrected.  I did my own résumé because I always thought a résumé is just a résumé--What's the big deal?  When I didn't get any results after responding to over 50 ads, I began to despair.  A friend told me to come to you and get it professionally redone.

It was amazing.  The information didn't change but the way you worded it and laid it out made all the difference.  Suddenly I got tons of calls and was able to choose a really great job.

I can't thank you enough.  I'm telling all my friends to come to Résumé-Riter.  

~ ~ ~

From Joanne W., Washington, DC:

"Thank You!" doesn't begin to express my appreciation.  The résumé you wrote and styled for me was a huge success.  I got a job the first week and I'm still getting calls two months later.

The best advice I got was from my friend Evan, who referred me to your service.  I'm paying this favor forward by sending my cousin and her husband next week.  They just returned from three years in Japan and need American-style résumés as soon as possible.

 ~ ~ ~

From Gabor N., Chicago:

You guys are the best!  Your prices and service can'tbe beat.  I just got the ideal job I wanted and increased my salary by $8,000.  Keep up the good work.  I'll be back in six months to update.  Until then,thanks a million.